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The various aspects of providing various services are clearly defined. If you are considering buying medicines from our online pharmacy. Please review the disclaimer policies on our Site to ensure you are clear of all doubts and questions.

If you require further information or have any questions after reading the disclaimer policy, please do not hesitate to contact our representatives.

Details About the Product

The products page provides detailed information about each product we offer. References can be taken from there but should not be considered judgmental information. Whenever possible, we encourage our customers to seek final confirmation from the doctor and follow their instructions.

Additionally, we urge customers to exercise extreme caution when purchasing medicines from us. If your prescription specifies another brand or dose. We will not be liable for ordering the medication.

Availability Of Products

There may be times when the customer cannot purchase a specific brand of medicine because the brand is currently unavailable. Situations like this may arise when we do not have any current stock of that brand’s medicines.

We request that you order your medications as soon as you know the brand and dose and not wait any longer. The customer will not be informed when the stock is running out. Please ensure that you place your order for medicines before the expiration date.

Concerning Payment

Likely, your orders will automatically cancel after a certain period if you do not receive payment. If you have placed an order and made a payment. It is possible that the payment is not credited at our end. This scenario will also be considered a non-payment of the order, and your order will be automatically canceled. Following the receipt of your payment. You will receive a confirmation email, and we will proceed with the shipping process.

Respecting The Age Limit

All of our customers must accept our age compliance rules. Our website will automatically display a checkbox after you visit it. Our website only allows customers over 18 to continue to browse the Site by checking the box confirming their age.

If you are not within the age guidelines, you may proceed at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any incorrect orders or losses.

Discounts And Offers Available

We offer discounts and special offers to make our customers’ shopping experience even more enjoyable. Our management and board of directors may change these offers and discounts at any time.

It is necessary to complete the online transaction to take advantage of a discount. You may be unable to take advantage of the discounts if you save it on your Wishlist and pay later. You will notice that all of the discounts on our websites are limited in time.

Delays And Charges Associated with Customs

There will be no responsibility on our part if a delay in customs occurs. Our only responsibility is to inform you if customs officials hold your package. The customer is solely responsible for negotiating with customs officials to have their medicine packages released.

Any charges imposed by the customs authority are the customer’s responsibility, not ours. The customer is responsible for coordinating and completing all necessary steps to ensure the package does not return to our logistical center.

Information Provided When Setting Up an Account or Order

Please ensure that the customer provides all the requested information accurately and that their identity is not concealed. We will be forced to degrade you as a guest user if you do not wish to share your information when creating your account.

The same applies when you are making a purchase. During this part of the process, there will be some additional details that we will be asking for from you, and if you fail to provide them, your orders will automatically be canceled.

Disclaimer about pricing

There is a reasonable effort made on our part to ensure that the pricing information on the Site is accurate. It is possible, however, for the Site to contain pricing errors. If a pricing error is found on the Site, we reserve the right to cancel any order made for that item based on the error. Should your order be canceled due to an error in pricing on the Site, we will notify you of the cancellation as soon as possible. Please be advised that we reserve the right to alter the prices of the products on the Site without prior notice.

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