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100% Secure delivery without contacting the courier

Verification Of the Order:

Mygenmedi sends a customer an email with a confirmation of their order when they place an order. The confirmation email is followed by another email, which should arrive within 24 hours of placing the order. This email shows that the order is being processed and will be shipped soon.

Verifying The Delivery:

When an order is confirmed, it is likely to be dispatched and shipped on the same day. The Customer Receives an email with the order’s tracking number once the shipping is confirmed at the back end. The delivery schedule and all of the information regarding the shipping will be included in this email.

Additionally, there will be a “connect with us” option in this email so that the order can be manually tracked by calling. Depending on the customer’s preference, the order can be shipped to either their home or their place of employment.

PO Boxes and APO Addresses:

The conveyance is made at the APO address as well as the PO Boxes as long as the choice is open in the technique for conveyance presented by Mygenmedi. By setting the primary address to the same, you can set your delivery to the APO or PO address.

Because Mygenmedi is based offshore in India, each order is treated as if it were an imported product. After passing through customs, a package may experience delays. Customs delays can last anywhere from a few days to three weeks in extreme cases.

Times For Delivery:

Within 24 to 48 hours of placing the order, the shipment is completed. The courier service determines how long it takes to deliver the product. If the customer holds an order, it may take approximately 21 days to arrive at your location. If the order is not delivered within seven days of being placed, you must get in touch with us immediately.

Returning Lost Orders:

Mygenmedi will either reship or refund any lost orders. On the off chance that there is a postponement in getting the request, it is vital to report it to the client care in no less than about two months from the day it is delivered to the client. As soon as a lost order is reported, it is refunded or shipped again. Within eight weeks, no report will be accepted or refunded.

Policy On Refunds And Returns:

A refund or a new shipment of the product will be sent to you if your order arrives damaged or not at all. This typically relies upon the call made by the purchaser and can be discounted or reshipped as indicated by the decision made by them.

A buyer must wait at least 30 days from the date the order is placed before they can request a refund. Mygenmedi provides telephone support to every one of its customers if you have any questions about the order or the product as a whole.

As long as the returned product can be resold, everyone is eligible for the refund policy. The only requirement is that the product must remain in its original packaging, be unused and unopened, and not exceed its expiration date.

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